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BTS — Variety Show List


Since there is someone who suggest me to do bangtan variety show list, so I think it’s not bad to make one. I tried my best to list all the shows they had so that’s why it takes so much time for me to publish this post. I hope this helps and enjoy!

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BTS — Cover Performance List

Hello I’m back with new post about bangtan. This time i bring you some cover performance on stage list to make yall fall deeper with them like i did hAHAH xD so okay, i also listed ALL the link(s) from official one and/or fancams.

Enjoy and good luck on suffering!


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BTS — Cover, Mixtape, OST, Collaboration & Other Non-Album Song Track List

Hi! I’m back with BTS track list. This list contains their cover songs, mixtapes, ost, and other songs which released through their official soundcloud so these songs were not digitally and physically released on store. I hope this list help all who want to get to know more about bangtan and enjoy their music together♥  If you guys searching for their official release, i already made the list here. and if you want to check out their “performance cover” you can click here


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