Special Post: 200k Party!


Hello guysssss!♡

First post in 2017 and im happy to have this special post to celebrating 200k heavenly heavens! (人◕ω◕)

*detik-detik 200,000*


jadi ceritanya waktu itu lagi buka stats dan ternyata udah 199,999! excited banget sampe ditungguin dan direfresh berkal-kali biar bisa ngecapture pas 200,000 hAHA. eh 5 menit direfresh, jadinya malah kek gini (`A´)ノ

/ingin rasanya berkata kasar/

(  ̄ー ̄)σ

tapi terlepas dari gagal capture, im proud to say that it only takes 279 days for staroutloud to gain 100k since its’ first 100k celebration! 100k pertama butuh 972 hari dan 100k lagi didapat dalam 279 hari. exciting? yESSH ☜(゚∀゚☜)


and another achievement we get is …. ///drumrolls///

screenshot_2016-12-20-18-04-18 screenshot_2016-12-30-18-39-07 tumblr_oji4e3s0xg1taxlf2o2_400w

im monitoring its’ growth like a proud parent lol (´⌣`ʃƪ)

staroutloud receiving more and more loves up to 200,000+ clicks and thats all thanks to you guys /bow/ it might means nothing to yall but i really appreciate that people are reading my posts and like them (๑>ᴗ<๑)


i’ll always sharing good contents of what i likes and some tutorial that i know so stay tune and happy 200k! hv a nice day ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁





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