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BTS — Cover, Mixtape, OST, Collaboration & Other Non-Album Song Track List

Hi! I’m back with BTS track list. This list contains their cover songs, mixtapes, ost, and other songs which released through their official soundcloud so these songs were not digitally and physically released on store. I hope this list help all who want to get to know more about bangtan and enjoy their music together♥  If you guys searching for their official release, i already made the list here. and if you want to check out their “performance cover” you can click here



BTS – Satoori Rap

Suga – All I Do Is Win

BTS – Bangtan Hook

RM – Check The Voice

RM – Favorite Girl

BTS – Let’s Introduce Bangtan Room

RM & JK – Like A Star

Suga – Min Diss

Suga – Min Swagger

RM – Freestyle

RM – Freestyle 2

RM – Freestyle 3

RM – Freestyle 4

RM – Seven days

RM – Dreamin

RM – Seventeen

RM – Where U At

BTS – 닥투

BTS – 방탄소넌단의 즐업

RM – 비싼 여자 (Expensive Girl)

RM, Suga & Jin – 학교의눈물 (School Of Tears)

BTS – 흔하의 슴생의 크리스마스 (A Typical Trainee’s Christmas)

RM – 콜라보 (Colab)

RM, Suga & Jin – 어른아이 (Adult Child)

BTS – Thinking About U

BTS – The Swagger

Suga – Touch The Sky

Suga – 싸이하누월

J-Hope – Dance And Rap

Jimin, JK & J-Hope – Graduation Song

Jokwon ft. Jung Ho Seok – Animal (jhope’s predebut featuring)

RM & Jin – Trouble

RM & JK – Waterfalls

RM & Supreme Boi – Tipsy

RM – Untitled 2008

RM, 201호, 이얀 – La La La

RM – Naa

RM – Glory

RM – Illest Bitch

RM & Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (필청 최고인듯)



Jin, Jimin, Jungkook & V – You’re My

Jungkook – 일하는중 (Working)

Jungkook – SOFA

Jimin & Jungkook – Christmas Day

V – Someone Like You

Jin – 엄마 (Mom)

V & J-Hope – 안아줘 (Hug Me)

Jin – 난 너를 사랑해

Jungkook – Lost Stars

Jungkook – Paper Hearts

RM & Jungkook – Fools

Jungkook – Nothing Like Us

Jungkook – Purpose

Jungkook – Beautiful (OST Goblin)

Jungkook – We Don’t Talk Anymore

Jungkook & Jimin – We Don’t Talk Anymore pt. 2

Suga, Jin & JK – So Far Away

Jungkook – 2U

Jungkook – Oh Holy Night



Hasil gambar untuk rm mixtape

Rap Monster: RM (2015) Listen here

  1. 목소리
  2. Do You
  3. 각성
  4. Monster
  5. 버려
  6. 농담
  7. God Rap
  8. Rush
  9. Life
  10. 표류
  11. I Believe


Hasil gambar untuk 1 verse

J-Hope: 1 Verse (2015) Listen here

  1. 1 VERSE


Hasil gambar untuk agust d

Agust D: Agust D (2016) Listen here

  1. Intro: Dt SugA (Feat DJ Friz)
  2. Agust D
  3. Give It To Me
  4. Skit
  5. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
  6. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
  7. 마지막 (The Last)
  8. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
  9. Interlude: Dream, Reality
  10. So Far Away (Feat. Suran)



BTS – A Typical Idol’s Christmas

BTS – Born Singer

JK, Jimin, V & J-Hope – Beautiful

Jimin & V – 95 Graduation

RM – RM Cyper Ruff

RM – Too Much

RM – Monterlude

RM x Soulscape – Unpack Your Bags

BTS – So 4 More

BTS – We Are Bulletproof pt. 1

BTS – 꿀 FM  0613 Christmas Special

BTS – Young Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

RM & JK – 아라요 (I Know)

BTS – Arirang

Jin – Awake (Christmas ver)

RM – Always

RM & V – 네시 (4 o’clock)

BTS – With Seoul



MFBTY ft. EE, RM, DinoJ – Buckubucku (부끄부끄)

RM ft. Mandy Ventrice – Fantastic

Gaeko ft. RM – Gajah

RM x Wale – Change

BTS ft. Desiigner – MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

Fall Out Boy ft. RM – Champion (Remix)



BTS – Comeback Home (Original: Seo Taiji – Comeback Home)



Hasil gambar untuk ost hwarang

Hwarang OST Part.2: Jin & V – 죽어도 너야 (Even If I Die, It’s You)


Hasil gambar untuk bts hd season greeting 2017

Enjoy their music and please do support for them a lot in the future♥

Feel free to comment if there is a song which not included in this list yet and I really appreciate if you guys not copying this list and post this somewhere without my credits^^


62 thoughts on “BTS — Cover, Mixtape, OST, Collaboration & Other Non-Album Song Track List

    1. Did you mean Rainism? if yes, it’s true they did a cover perfomance of Rainism on year-end festival but this list contains cover songs from their soundcloud only^^

  1. In with category would you put Blood Sweat and Tears (Japanese Version), Not Today (Japanese Version) and Spring Day (Japanese Version)?

    1. Born Singer doesnt belong to any album and not released at any official music sites (only on their soundcloud) thats why i put it under unofficial song.

  2. What about songs like fools and I know by RM and JK, why are they not on the list, and what category do they fall under? Btw,this is very helpful👌👌

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