30 Days Writing Challenge

I’m taking my challenge! 도전!


Lagi tertarik buat beginian juga, soalnya di twitter ada yang buat tapi topiknya bias challenge hwhw xD Iya, judulnya 30 days writing challenge tapi bakal langsung ditulis sekaligus di 1 post soalnya gak janji bakal update tiap hari hahaha. Awalnya juga mau dipost di tumblr tapi akhirnya disini soalnya dah lamo tak ngepos/.\

Here we go-!

Day 1
Hello! I’m this blog owner with famous nickname: avc♡

Day 2
▪ It Girl — Jason Derulo
My 2nd favorite song from Derulo! I wish I can hear this kind of song from him again.
▪ 한발짝 두발짝 — Oh My Girl
“If you go one step two step away, i’ll take three steps closer to you.” Such a fresh song and addictive lyrics.
▪ 야 하고 싶어 — Jimin ft. Xiumin
Their MV is so cute and i likely suggest y’all to watch it too >///< I WANT TO CALL YOU BAE!
▪ Goodbye Summer — f(x) ft. D.O
One of the best track in Pink Tape album. Love Amber's english version more tho xD
▪ Back to December — Taylor Swift
The first ever Taylor's song i heard. It never dies.
▪ Monster — EXO
"She got me gone crazy", "Don't be afraid, love is the way", "You can call me monster" and "I'm creeping in your heart babe". I'LL NEVER FORGET THOSE HISTORICAL LINES.
▪ Fly — Jessica ft. Fabulous
Her 1st solo debut song that I'm proud of! YOU CAN FLY, J!
▪ 걸어본다 — B1A4
▪ Fakin It — Kaskade & Felix Cartal ft. Ofelia K
J-hope's song recommendation and i'm into it these days❤
▪ Love Yourself — Justin Bieber
No wonder why this song is so popular

Day 3
It’s Chicken Soup for The Soul. A great illustration that teach about life.

Day 4

Stars shining bright in the darkness.

That quote mEANS A LOT SRSLY. It’s not just some random quote I put as my blog quotes.

PS. Sorry I’ll just mention one because that’s the only my fav hehe

Day 5
160713 i spent my super free time with my cousin. It was fun because we went to many places. Since i’m a house fairy i finally got some fresh air :^

Day 6
1) I like giraffes and i’m trying to collect all giraffe themed stuffs.
2) Pastel color is the best. It shows soft side.
3) I’m a kfans. Don’t be shocked darl!
4) I have some anxiety and that makes me
5) Always overthinking over things /sigh/
6) Also quiet sensitive and offended easily h3h3
7) I’m not close with new people easily bc i talk less
8) I treat people the way they treat me. Somekind of what you give is what you deserve.
9) I prefer to watch thriller more than horror movies. Because horror is 90% sound effect.
10) Cheese >>> Choco
11) Have a lot of interest in typography/handwriting.
12) I ever dreamed to be an astronaut ㅋㅋ I apologize to my childhood dream
13) Hard to gain weight ;__; While everyone works hard to loss their weight (and even there are ppl who go extreme ways)
14) I like cute kids >
15) I’m thinking hard right now I don’t know what to write again

Day 7
I’m not sure if this is called as first love, but it’s the first time i attracted to a boy and it was during my elementary school era hAha.

Day 8
응… famous guys in real life? I had no idea..

Day 9
I don’t know what is the menu name but it’s called “ikan pindang” and I swear that’s the most delicious food ever. I ate it for the first time on January 2013. I really remember the moment i ate it and i don’t eat that since that time ugh missed that food so much ㅠㅠ

Day 10
Frozen/? their ost(s) grow on me.

Day 11
I have 4 siblings. Real siblings. 2 boys and 2 girls. Sometimes i’m tired with them bc they are annoying /haha/ but it’s amazing to have them in my life and i couldn’t imagine what if i had no siblings.

Day 12
In Indonesia, it’s hard to choose between summer and rainy season because when it’s summer it’s too hot plus water crisis and when it’s rainy, it’s hard to go outside and flood happened (eventho in my hometown it doesn’t happen) but IF i really have to choose, i’ll choose rainy season. For 4 seasons term, i like autumn/fall the most. Because I think it’s the best season to go walk in the street while enjoying the yellow leaves view♡

Day 13
Hmmmmmmm maybe when i played jungle run games with friends/? bc i really like that game at that time.

Day 14
Overthinking. I really hate this habit. It makes me worry more when there is nothing to worry about actually.

Day 15
Do I really need to mention it here because i HAD A LOT. And i’m trying my best to forget them all.

Day 16
Everyone surely become my inspiration in a positive way.

Day 17
Hmm.. i’ll give 50% to my parents and then I’ll spend the rest to go trip, buy house, build a cafe with girin themed, buy everything i need and i want to and if there are still money OFC I’LL SAVE IT HAHAHA.

Day 18

Day 19
Tbh, I have no that kind of experience. But i’ll tell an experience when i was 5th/6th grade. I’ll consider this as a nearly death experience. So that day I went to the english course and there were 3 dogs there. THEY WERE TAME and i guess they were sleep? So I just passed by LIKE WHAT I USUALLY DID and suddenly they ran to me while barking and i just spontantly run around the house about 3 times i was so shocked and don’t know what to do except run and run. And finally i went inside a house and hide until those dogs go away. I ALMOST BITTEN BY 3 DOGS!! DO YALL KNOW THE FEELS BC I WAS SO SCARED TILL I CAN’T SCREAM OR CRY AND I FELT LIKE IT WAS THE END OF MY LIFE AND NOBODY THERE TO HELPED ME HUHUHU ;_______;

Day 20
☆ Go travel around the world and do some culiner trips :3
☆ Learn more languages
☆ Attend my fav bands’ concert/fanmeet/fansign. (Yeah when i still a fan i need to do this atleast once in a lifetime)

Day 21
For now, it’s WHY by Taeyeon. It’s an R&B and tropical house genre song and it suits perfectly with current season! (PS. I’m listening to the song while writing this hehe)

Day 22
OTP? Are we talking about OTP of my biases? XD If yes, it’s ofc VHOPE! If no, then i don’t know~~

Day 23
I remember to cry when I watching drama ‘Doctors’. For specifically, it was the episode when the female lead’s grandmother passed away T_____T

Day 24
♡ loyals.
♡ rumour(s) makers. (in a fun way ofc)

Day 25
I believe there is no perfect boyfriend, but the one who would knows me well and understanding me the way I am will be the perfect life match!

Day 26
역시 런닝맨!

Day 27
I don’t know a lot of youtubers. So I just mention some who I subscribe. First it’s sunnydahye. Yep she’s a korean youtubers who shared about her fashion/beauty tips and i really adore her for being brave to try a lot of things for us to know! 2nd, snapfinger42. i found him bc he uploaded j&k english subbed and later i’m in love with his adolf hitler parody with fake subs lmao.

Day 28
I worried a lot. I just worry about everything. But thing that I worry these days are my study & college life bc it’s a new place and totally different with my hometown and i need to adapt with society fast oh, also i need to find friend(s)!

Day 29
Well, I wrote it in my notebook but it’s not asking me to show it here right? :—–)

Day 30 (okay,finally!!!)
• I was born in a christian family so I have bigger chance to know God more.
• I’m a christian.
• I’m a girl. Seriously i’m greatful to be a girl because i feel it will harder to become a boy with this kind of personality.
• I’m greatful for every chances I ever had 🙂
• I’m greatful for friends in my life.
• I’m greatful for every moments i had
• I’m greatful for everyone who came to my life
• I’m greatful to be able do things that people can’t do
• I’m greatful because I know myself the best
• I’m so happy this challange finished :-))))

FINISHED YAYYY!! I’m so happy because finally it’s finished! I’m thinking so hard to answer all this questions /I almost give up XD/. It even takes me almost a week lol (Well it also caused by moods)≧◇≦

I might be not post anything after this ㅠㅅㅠ I’ll get busier. So this post is likely a goodbye post and that’s why I’m making a lot of efforts to finishing it. I don’t know when will I’ll post again whether it’s lyrics or tutorials or self post like this ㅠㅠ I’ll miss my wordpress and y’all. I hope there are still many visitors to come visit my stars. 고마워 또 감사해 보고싶을꺼야 나중에 보자 ㅠ____ㅠ 난 잊어버리지마세요!!


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